Our Values


Supporting economic prosperity through sustainable and fair wages can have a tangible impact on the future of individuals, families, communities and generations to come. By partnering with artisan groups and purchasing their beautiful products at a fair and ethical price, Seek Wander Share supports living wages for our artisan groups. This means every purchase you make with Seek Wander Share contributes to the sustainable economic growth of our artisans, their families and communities.


We only work with artisan groups that are committed to providing safe, healthy and empowering work environments where talented artisans’ dreams, creations, dignity and hard work is protected, supported and can flourish.


Seek Wander Share hand picks every item with the modern woman in mind. Each item captures a balance of current trends while embracing the traditional talent and craftsmanship of our artisan groups. By shopping with Seek Wander Share, you not only add a beautiful new piece to your heart, you also contribute to preserving time honored methods and processes of artisans across the world.


Each item you find on Seek Wander Share is handmade by talented artisans whose traditional artistry has been passed down from generation to generation. When you purchase a piece from us, each item is hand inspected by our team to ensure the highest quality of product for our customers. Materials are sourced from our artisan’s communities, inspired by their landscapes and vintage fabrics from traditional garments.